Tuition Rates


Recommended 2017 Minimum Tuition Fees for a Private Studio Music Teacher:

Professional Member:    $68 (plus GST, if applicable) per hour
(A Professional Member has performance and pedagogy qualifications in their chosen instrument(s) and/or at least five years of teaching experience attested to by student results in examinations or eisteddfods.)

Associate Member:   $58 (plus GST, if applicable) per hour
(An Associate Member is working towards Professional Membership - e.g. has performance qualifications and needs to gain the appropriate pedagogy qualificiations, or is still accumulating student results.)

Student Member:    $48 (plus GST, if applicable) per hour
(A Student Member is enrolled in full- or part-time study towards any of the Professional Member qualifications.)  

Recommended Minimum Group Lesson Fee

$90 per hour (plus GST, if applicable) (to be divided between the students in the group - e.g. $45 each for two students, $30 each for three students etc.)

Online Examination Invigilation Fee

The charge for invigilating an online exam should not exceed half of the recommended minimum teaching fee per hour as stated above. (To be negotiated between a teacher and their client.)  

 Recommended Minimum Accompanying Fee

Recommended minimum accompanying fee is $50 (plus GST, if applicable) for Exams in Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4)

Recommended minimum fee is $70 (plus GST, if applicable) for Exams in Level 2 (Grade 5 - 8 and Certificate)

       Fees to be negotiated for accompanying Exams in Level 3 (A.MUS or equivalent and above)

       The above fees are for Performance (exam) fees only

       There is an additional fee of $30/35 (plus GST, if applicable) per 30 minutes for rehearsal time

 Recommended Minimum Group Workshop Fee

$90 (plus GST, if applicable) per hour  

 Recommended Minimum Studio Teacher at Tertiary Institution Fee

$95 (plus GST, if applicable) per hour